Indirect Fired Portable Heater Rentals

If you need major heat then this is the rental equipment for you. Running on a choice of propane, natural gas, or diesel fuel these gas fired heaters are well equipped to provide piles of heat. The propane/natural gas units require a fuel source from a propane cylinder, or directly fed from a natural gas line. Our diesel units have a large storage tank integral to the frame that enables a single packaged solution. All of these units are ideal when the application requires a large amount of clean, dry, heated air and there is a limited amount of electrical power available.

  • Large scale clean, dry heat
  • Industrial grade power burner, stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Vented combustion gases allow for safe use in confined areas
  • 108 kW to 185 kW Indirect Gas Fired Heaters
  • 27 kW to 185 kW Indirect Diesel Fired Heaters
Temporary Heating Applications:
  • Film Set Heating
  • Industrial Site Heating
  • Temporary Structures
  • Construction Heating
108 kW to 185 kW Gas-Fired Furnace Rental and 27 kW to 185 kW Oil-Fired Furnace Rental

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