Commercial & Tech Solutions

Having trouble with your commercial cooling or heating? Challenges to these systems can cause headaches for you, and interruptions to your normal operations.

At Cool Air, we specialize in temporary cooling and heating solutions. With thousands of successful installations under our belt, we offer unparalleled design and application expertise. By merging our problem-solving capabilities with purpose-built equipment designed to “Roll in, Plug in, and Turn On” we ensure effective cooling and heating solutions.

Tech Cooling Solutions
Common Commercial & Tech Cooling Solutions:
  • ACC030 – 30 Ton Chiller
  • ACC100 – 100 Ton Chiller
  • ACC200 – 2oo Ton Chiller
  • WCI10 – 10 Ton Water Cooled Portable
  • WCPP1.5 – 1.5 Ton Premium Water Cooled Portable
  • WCPP5 – 5 Ton Premium Water Cooled Portable
Common Commercial & Tech Heating Solutions:
  • HGB1200H21 – 1.2 Million BTU Hydronic Heater
  • HEF06 – 6 kW Electric Furnace
  • HEF09– 6 kW Electric Furnace
  • HEF27 – 27 kW Electric Furnace
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