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Indirect Fired Heater Solutions

Indirect fired heaters deliver healthy warm air to your workspaces, without adding moisture or harmful exhaust gases in the process. Indirect fired heaters vent carbon monoxide and other harmful gases up the flue pipe, which provides a separate stream of clean, warm air delivered into your space. This warm, clean, dry air produced will allow your operation to continue in a comfortable environment.
With over 25 years of experience in delivering cost-effective and reliable solutions, contact us to see how simple a Cool Air Solution can be.


Indirect Fired Heater Solutions
  • HOF117H11 – 117 kW/400K BTU Indirect Fired Heater
  • HOF185H23 – 185kW/700K BTU Indirect Fired Heater
  • HOF185TG – 185kW/700K BTU Indirect Fired Heater Trailer

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