Portable Electric Heater Rentals

These versatile units will quickly warm that office or work space. Using relatively little power, just place them in the area to be warmed, plug them into a standard 115 volt receptacle and you are good to go. Quiet equipment that will maintain a comfortable temperature with minimal effort.

  • Thermostatic control allows complete comfort selection
  • Radiant models offer silent operation
  • Compact yet powerful, many styles and models to chose from
  • 1500 W of Electric Heating – Resistant, Parabolic, Radiant, and Baseboard
  • 4800 W of Electric Heating – Resistant
Temporary Heating Applications:
  • Film Set/Studio spot Heating
  • Professional Office Space Heating
  • Construction Trailer Heating
  • Meeting/Conference Room Heating
1500 W to 4800 W Portable Electric Heating Rental

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