Brennan Park Recreation Centre

A Project Management Case Study

Keith Plumbing and Heating has been providing plumbing and mechanical services throughout British Columbia and the Yukon since 1911. They have trusted Cool Air with their temporary temperature control needs for various projects from banks to airports and beyond.

The Challenge

The dedicated HVAC and air handling equipment at Brennan Park Recreation Centre was scheduled to be replaced. Cool Air was involved in the planning stages of providing a reliable temporary heating system that would allow the pool to remain open maintaining all programs. Careful consideration was given to unit sizing, positioning and effectiveness.

The Solution

The scope of the project led Cool Air into a proposal for a turn-key solution. We provided and managed all services for the supply and installation of four indirect gas-fired heating units. This included glazing removal, gas hook-up, security fencing and power distribution. By taking responsibility of planning and managing the temporary system off of Keith Plumbing, it allowed them to focus on the removal and replacement of the dedicated units.

The Result

Providing a viable heating package to replace the existing units allowed the municipality to maintain operations of this important community asset. Seamless function by our equipment meant no downtime for the pool and all lessons and planned activities continued as scheduled. Keith Plumbing was able to use their resources to ensure that the replacement of the permanent units was completed as planned. Cool Air specializes in providing equipment for temporary applications. Working jointly with the main contractor allows each company to focus on their strengths.

Equipment Used

  • Two HGF185H23 – indirect natural gas-fired 185kW heater
  • Two HGF108H11 – indirect natural gas-fired 108kW heater
  • Electrical distribution box
  • 125’ of electrical cable
  • 150’ of industrial flex duct