Johnson Controls

Emergency Cooling With Space & Noise Limitations

Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology and industrial leader serving customers in more than 150 countries. Cool Air has been providing temporary temperature control solutions to them for over 10 years in a multitude of projects.

The Challenge

Cool Air was called upon when a client of Johnson Controls had to deal with the aftermath of copper thieves. The dedicated unit was a 60 ton chiller that was positioned on ground level adjacent to the two story building and it was completely stripped. With the dedicated unit permanently out of commission Cool Air was asked to supply enough cooling for the entire building without disturbing the tenants.

The Solution

After examining a number of options with the client, the decision was made to stack two air cooled 25 ton units next to the building. This represented the most cost effective and least intrusive solution for the tenants.The combined 50 tons of cooling and 20,000 CFM were deemed to meet their climate control expectations. The unique idea to stack the units was adapted to accommodate minimal exterior space and allow for the continued use of the roadway beside the building. The cold air was injected through our flexible duct into a mixing box where it was dispersed throughout the building by the dedicated air handler.

The steel support structure was designed to avoid destruction of existing security railings. The second stage separator steel frame was built to allow spacing for optimal unit operation.

The Result

With a quick response to the situation Cool Air was able to have the temporary equipment up and running within the day. Emergency, unplanned shutdowns can often result in dedicated units being shut down for days or even weeks while a replacement unit or part is on order. Our temporary solution allowed for sufficient time for the new unit to be ordered without compromising the needs of the building and the people inside. Staff were kept comfortable and therefore the efficiency of both the occupants and the temperature-sensitive equipment was maintained.

Equipment Used

  • Two ACI25H23 – air cooled industrial 25 ton units
  • Two 75 kVA transformers
  • 200’ of #2 electrical cable
  • 70’ of industrial flex duct
  • 230’ of communication cable
  • Steel support structure

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