Surrey Memorial Hospital

Keeping Construction On Schedule

Ellis Don has been designing and building Canada for over 60 years and is our country’s largest healthcare builder. Cool Air has provided temporary heating and cooling solutions to a variety of their projects including numerous hospitals in both BC and Alberta.

The Challenge

As work proceeded on the nine storey Surrey Memorial Hospital addition it became apparent that the elevating interior temperatures had pushed past design conditions. The unbearable heat and humidity levels had escalated beyond control and installation of temperature sensitive product was halted. Cool Air was contracted to provide an affordable yet effective solution that would allow for design conditions to be met and work to proceed.

The Solution

Power, space, and budget conditions allowed for 30 tons of cooling per floor. A typical floor layout was three 10 ton water cooled industrial portable units placed strategically to maximize coverage. The units could be wheeled into specific work areas to rapidly lower temperature and humidity levels. Weekly filter changes done by Cool Air helped in controlling dust and debris in the work space. Thermostat control meant comfort and design temperatures were met and the units automatically reacted to increases or decreases in atmospheric conditions.

The Result

Once our equipment was installed and commissioned immediate temperature and humidity control was achieved. A stalled or delayed construction schedule was rectified. Subcontractors were able to proceed with their work and working conditions had greatly improved. Frequent sampling of site conditions allowed us to log temperature and moisture levels, as well, the weekly filter change meant the machines stayed clean and operating at peak capacity.

Equipment Used

  • Six WCI10V23 – water cooled industrial 10 ton units
  • One WCI7.5V23 – water cooled industrial 7.5 ton unit
  • Two WCI6H23 – water cooled industrial 6.5 ton units
  • Three WCI5V23 – water cooled industrial 5 ton units
  • One WCP1.5V11 – water cooled portable 1.5 ton unit
  • 2350‘ of industrial water hose
  • 1625’ of electrical cable
  • 125’ of industrial flex duct

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