WCI10V23 & WCI10V23TS

This workhorse is built to handle the toughest of cooling jobs. Transitioning from server room to film set to industrial site, this water cooled unit handles it all. Reliable cooling technology with grit.

  • Largest capacity unit that fits through
    a conventional 36” x 84” door
  • Completely portable, sets up in minutes
  • Auto Restart after power failure
  • Requires 208 volt three phase power
  • Push button or remote control capability
  • Film Studios
  • Manufacturing Areas
  • Electrical Vaults

Way Too Cool. Call 1.855.253.4171.


Cool Air Rentals Ltd.
1407 East Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V5L 2A9


Cool Air Rentals Ltd.
9531 42 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 5R2

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