Air Cooled versus Water Cooled

Air Cooled

An air cooled system transfers heat taken from the space to the air. This heated air is then released or expelled. Our equipment can be located either inside or outside the room to be cooled. If the cooling unit is located inside the space, the hot air must be driven by a fan through a duct to somewhere outside the space. If the cooling unit must be located outside the space, the hot air may be released into the air surrounding the unit or again, driven elsewhere.

  • Usually the better option where the heat energy, in the form of hot air, can be easily dispersed into another area of the building, often into a suspended ceiling.
  • May be the only option where there is no available water source.
  • Is the quickest system to set up – usually just minutes.
  • Completely portable – can be moved to different locations easily.

Air Cooled Portable Units
Air Cooled Industrial Units

Water Cooled

A water (liquid) cooled system transfers the heat from the space to water which is then released into a drain line. The water is supplied through high pressure flexible hoses that are connected to a domestic water source from a kitchen, bathroom, or janitor’s sink. Water may also be supplied from and returned to a chilled water system in a commercial or industrial setting. The water cooled unit is used more for cooling enclosed spaces or spaces in sealed buildings where the existing building system cannot handle additional heat being dumped on it. There must be a dependable supply of water to run the unit.

  • Water cooled units must be used when there is no place to duct the heat that an air cooled system collects from the space being cooled.
  • When available floor space is a problem, water cooled units are smaller.
  • Water cooled units do not create negative air pressure in the space being cooled.
  • Water cooled units retain their mobility by using flexible hose.
  • No condensate tanks to empty as water cooled units contain pumps.
  • If cooling tower water is available, no domestic water will be needed.

Water Cooled Portable Units
Water Cooled Industrial Units