We pride ourselves in not just being another rental house. With Cool Air, not only do you get reliable equipment, we offer full installation and removal services, complimentary site visits, and industry expertise.

The most challenging and rewarding part about what we do is when we get a call from a customer about a large upcoming project and they don’t know where to start. Determining their needs and the needs of the end user is critical in the site review process to find the best solution. With our large range of cooling, heating and ventilation equipment there is always a solution that fits with the needs and within the budget.

We have added Case Studies to our site under the Resources tab. Here is where you can read more about some of our projects and possibly find a situation that is similar to one you are in now. Don’t know what you need,?count on us at Cool Air to get the job done.

Contact us to see how simple a Cool Air solution can be.

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