Falling back an hour means a little bit of extra hibernation time for us Canadians…at least for that one day. As we say hello to snowcapped mountains, frozen windshields, and outdoor hockey, we have to remember to keep our homes and work spaces toasty.

Worried about keeping warm but afraid of toxic fumes and food that tastes like it was cooked directly on that heater of yours? Cool Air offers safe, dry alternatives to the direct-fired gas heater. Our electric heating lineup varies from 1500 watt units that you can plug into your standard wall outlet to 60 kW furnaces run on 600 volt power. Electric heat means you can truly “Roll in, Plug in, Turn on” and with the dry heat that electric furnaces produce, your staff won’t leave the heated space suddenly feeling colder than they were before they went in.

If you need major heat but lack the electrical capacity, Cool Air’s indirect gas-fired units are the key. None of our units vent the toxic fumes in with the warm air; you will always be getting safe, dry heat. Pay special attention when looking at renting a gas-fired heater since one word can make all the difference. Direct-fired gas heaters vent the fumes WITH the warm air, causing potential for numerous health and safety hazards. Indirect-fired gas heaters, like those you get from Cool Air Rentals, vent the fumes from a flue pipe off the top of the unit, not into the breathing air of your employees and customers. This is one time it is not good to take the direct route.

Not sure what you need? Call us with your heating problem and we’ll get the job done!