Don’t be caught in the heat wave without a contingency plan. Follow these steps prior to an emergency situation to ensure cooling success.

1) Determine temperature sensitive areas…server rooms, electrical vaults and areas with computers or equipment are considered critical cooling zones and will need temporary cooling if the dedicated unit fails. Supplemental cooling may also be needed when higher than expected temperatures or humidity levels are reached.

2) Check the capacity required…does the current system meet the current conditions? Check the capacity of your current unit to know the amount of cooling that you will require. Take note of critical components and whether some equipment can be shut down in the event of an emergency.

3) Confirm electrical availability…are you limited to 115V? Our largest unit that runs on standard 115V power is a 1.5 ton unit shown here. If you require something larger, we have single and three phase 208/230V powered units. An electrician must be on site if we are to power the unit from an electrical panel. For even better preparation, get your electrician to install an appropriate outlet so it is available for emergencies.

4) Air cooled or water cooled? Air cooled units require somewhere to vent the heat from the space. Typically this will be out a window or into a drop ceiling. Check to ensure that the space above the false ceiling is open and well ventilated. Water cooled units require a connection to a water source and drain. We have all the accessories required and can hook up to a janitor’s sink, washroom, kitchen and more.

5) Placement of units…small server rooms are sometimes limited in floor space. Measure how much space you have available. We can also install units in an adjacent room and have the cool air ducted into the space it is required.

6) Call Cool Air and arrange for a site visit…if you are unsure of some of these aspects do not hesitate to contact us directly at 604.253.4171 to arrange for a site visit. This can be especially important if there is a large need for cooling and a building with an aging unit. We will be happy to assist with all of the above specifications. See for yourself how simple a Cool Air solution can be.