With the cooler weather here it’s time to plan for your temporary heating needs.

Not only can electric heaters be more cost effective than gas-fired, they come with a load of health and safety benefits to keep your employees and customers safe and more productive.

Benefits of temporary electric heaters:

– No hazardous combustion gases. An environmentally friendly alternative.
– Clean, dry heat. We have a large selection of electric heaters to fit any need.
– Hassle-free performance. Thermostat control means zero need for monitoring and refueling.
– Cost effective. The cost to operate electric heating units is dollars per day compared with gas-fired units that can reach into the hundreds.
– “Roll in, Plug in, Turn on”. Placement is a breeze when all you need is an electrical connection. Whether on the 24th floor or in the center of a building, heat has never been this easy.

Contact us to see how simple a Cool Air solution can be.


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