Thermal Remediation

Thermal Remediation is a proven tool in the battle against bed bugs, stored product pests, and wood destroying organisms. Targeting a temperature of 120-135°F, this safe, effective, and environmentally friendly process uses dry heat as a means of eradicating pests while reducing the introduction of chemicals into the affected area.

3 Key elements in a successful treatment:
  • Apply heat
  • Monitor air and surface temperatures
  • Move air

Bed bug infestations are a persistent and challenging problem. No one solution is completely effective in this large and growing problem; therefore, a balanced management plan must be implemented. Thermal Remediation (TR) is the process of rapidly raising the air and surface temperatures of the affected area to ultimately reach the thermal death point of both adult bugs and eggs. TR is a proven tool for a pesticide-free solution in the battle against pests. Cool Air will work with your CPO to give you positive results.

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