Yesterday marked our first year participating in the ASHRAE Golf Tournament. With the help of Norm Grusnick from Ecco Supply, the hole we were sponsoring allowed for easy access with our truck to set up our tent and equipment.

As Pitt Meadows does, the weather constantly changed from warm to cold. Knowing about the unreliable weather we decided to bring an air cooled 3 ton premium unit that can heat AND cool the tent that we were in. Good thing since it was switched back and forth during the entire tournament. With our busy season approaching and our move of the warehouse just finishing we were almost not able to make it out but we’re glad we could put this together at the last minute.

With 136 golfers, we were kept busy all day and unfortunately did not get the chance to visit our fellow sponsors but everyone and more made it to the ASHRAE dinner, also held at Swan-E-Set Bay Resort & Country Club. It was great to be a part of the ASHRAE tournament this year and is definitely something we are looking forward to participating in again in the years to come. We enjoyed meeting many new faces and best of all finally putting faces to those current customers we only know from a phone voice!

Did you attend the golf tournament? If you have any feedback about our Hole 12 sponsorship please share!

-Tanya & Greg