We easily forget how much we rely on technology for communicating with family, friends, coworkers and customers. When a data centre for a communications company needs to undergo renovations, failing to keep the servers cool can have a drastic effect. From lost information to unavailable websites and cell networks, customer frustrations can go through the roof.

Multiple types of cooling and ventilation equipment were used to ensure that the right spots were hit with Cool Air while using minimal floor space. These air cooled 25 and 20 ton units were able to utilize the outdoor parking area to supply cold air through our flexible duct into the data centre. An additional 20 tons of cooling was installed inside the space using 5 and 10 ton water cooled units. Ventilation equipment ensured that the cold air reached all corners of the rooms.

Concerned with manpower? Very little maintenance is required when our units are run on thermostat. Remote sensors were placed in the space needing to be cooled allowing the units to cycle on and off to supply the optimal amount of cooling to the space. Ease of operation is important when working with tight deadlines; we’ll help you with what you need, when you need it. -Tanya

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