Cool Air was called upon when our client had the unfortunate circumstance of dealing with the aftermath of copper thieves. With their dedicated unit now rendered out of commission we needed to supply enough cooling for the entire building without disturbing those who were working inside.

Our project manager was excited about the opportunity to provide cooling for such a rare circumstance. After looking at our options, we decided that the best units would be ones that could sit outside the building and bring cold air inside by utilizing our flexible duct. This meant the use of a specialized steel support system that enabled us to stack two of our largest 3800 lb units on top of each other. The key was to allow enough air flow between the two units to ensure that the cooling capacity was not compromised.

Many hours of organizing both the cooling and support aspects of the job had to be done before the units could be installed. With the plan in place and our units and technicians ready to roll, installation of the units could begin. After working in the sun all day, our four hardworking technicians returned to the shop with burnt faces and arms but happy that we completed a new challenge with ease. Special thanks to Nu Wave Industries and Phoenix Truck and Crane for helping us with a successful installation. -Tanya