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Protecting Vital Equipment

This large telecommunications company needs to continuously upgrade and streamline the infrastructure in all of their facilities. It is absolutely essential that they don’t experience interruption to their network while the work is being carried out. Even for cooling outages of a few hours at a time, as was the case for a project, an effective back up cooling plan must be in place. As a strategic contractor, they asked us to develop and implement a temporary cooling package.

The Challenge

During the upgrades, power to the building would be temporarily shut off and the essential equipment needed to keep the network online would be run off of local battery power; during this time, there would be no power to the HVAC system. Temporary cooling was needed to keep everything running. Over 100 tons of cooling was required in total.

The Solution

For the Equipment rooms on the first floor, two air-cooled 20 ton units were situated on the ground inside the building’s fenced-in enclosure. The supply air was ducted along the outside wall to an air-mixing box attached to a relief air plenum on the side of the building. Inside the Equipment rooms, the air was directed via fans to ensure the best airflow throughout. Two more air-cooled 20 ton units were landed on sleepers that were already in place on the roof to service the equipment on the second floor. In the basement, a variety of smaller water-cooled units were used to cool the six rooms down there that held equipment and the batteries to keep the system up. The units were powered by a 250 kW diesel generator, which fed into a 600 amp distribution panel; Cool Air ran the cables for all the units on all floors from that panel.

The Result

Once the installation and initial start-up was complete, Cool Air trained the 24-hour onsite staff to operate the system which allowed the contractors to start their work. With our units keeping the equipment cool, the contractors were able to complete the project without any issues. Once the upgrade was complete, Cool Air returned to the site to remove all the cooling equipment quickly and painlessly. With our expertise and equipment on their side the client was confident that their system was absolutely safe.

Equipment Used

  • Four ACI20V23 – 20 ton industrial air-cooled units
  • Three WCI5V23 – 5 ton industrial water-cooled units
  • Three WCP3V21 – 3 ton portable water-cooled units
  • One WCP1.5V11 – 1.5 ton portable water-cooled unit

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