St. George’s School

Managing Climate In A Tent Over The Winter

In order to ensure that their world-class rowing team continued to get the training they needed to propel them to new heights, St. George’s prep school had purchased a number of rowing machines to use at practice; however without the space to house them, they were placed in a tent until construction of the rowing room was complete. They knew that for the boys to be able to use the equipment during the winter, they would need Cool Air to help control the environment inside the tent.

The Challenge

The tent needed to be kept warm despite the cold weather outside. Temperature control was important because the tent was to function as a gym. Also, the humidity would need to be managed to protect the machines and to keep the rowers comfortable. Finally, St. George’s needed a solution that would work for them simply and conveniently for a number of years until the tent was no longer needed.

The Solution

A 27 kW electric furnace was placed in the tent with a remote thermostat attached to precisely manage the temperature, and two dehumidifiers were used to mitigate moisture in the air.

The Result

Throughout the winter months, the St. George’s rowing team was able to continue to practice in comfort, keeping warm and dry in their tent. Using electric heat meant that they didn’t need to worry at all about refueling or any logistics at all. Cool Air handled the installation, setup, filter changes, and tear-down so St. George’s was free to focus their attention on the rowing.

Equipment Used

  • One HEF27V23 – forced-air 27kW electric furnace
  • One DRY30V11 and one DRY33V11 – dehumidifiers for removing 30 and 33 L/day respectively

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