2010 Olympic Winter Games

Heating Objects Not Air

The 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver and Whistler was a huge undertaking for BC Event Management and Panther Management. Both companies were responsible for planning, building and managing numerous venues. They each relied on Cool Air to provide temporary heating to their locations. BC Event Management has been providing planning services for over 25 years. Panther Management is a division of Panther Group handling construction, design, and development.

The Challenge

Provide heat to two large open public areas. Both seating areas had food service and live performers. The challenge was to provide adequate levels of heating so patrons felt comfortable yet the solution had to be economical and practical.

The Solution

Cool Air custom built radiant panels and matched them with specialized mounting hardware to create a unique and dynamic heater. Suspended above the guests and angled to maximize effectiveness, these units had individual on/off control and high/low settings.

Standard forced air heaters similar to home furnaces would not be ideal for this situation since they can only blow warm air onto a few select people. Radiant heaters are perfect for outdoor areas such as these. They heat the objects in a space and not the air, resulting in a superior heating process.

The Result

The radiant heat from these units was very effective on both plazas. Customers and staff were suitably comfortable under the silent and uniform heat of this unique equipment. The energy use on this project was economical and efficient. Our customer was satisfied and so were their patrons.

Cool Air had to complete the project under severe time constraints and provided an installation that was attractive, efficient and very effective.

David Clark

President, BC Event Management

Equipment Used

  • Ten HER14H23 – Electric radiant 14 kW heaters
  • Two HER6H21 – Electric radiant 6 kW heaters
  • 465’ of communication cable
  • Push-button remote controls

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