Jim Pattison Outpatient Care & Surgery Centre

A Temporary Chiller On A Hospital Roof

Located in Surrey just off the Fraser Highway is the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre, a medical facility offering many important services. Any disruption to the work done there is significant, because it means patients aren’t getting the care, attention and testing they require. Naturally when they had an issue with their rooftop chiller, Cool Air Rentals was called.

The Challenge

A compressor in the hospital’s 60-ton chiller burned out, rendering the unit useless until it could be repaired. This affected the entire building, but most critically the MRI suite. An enormous level of heat is emitted by MRI machines, and without the necessary cooling they are not able to function. If the chiller wasn’t replaced right away the hospital would be forced to cancel appointments for MRI tests.

The Solution

We brought out one of our 60-ton chillers, lifted it onto the roof with a large crane and landed it on the sleepers to safely support it and spread out the weight. Then we tied our unit into the hospital’s chilled line for the MRI suite; even though the chiller was non-operational, the rest of the system was functioning perfectly. This allowed us to simply replicate the lost capacity from the dedicated chiller.

The Result

The temporary chiller worked like a charm. The heat produced by the MRI machines was effectively managed, preventing the units from overheating and making sure that none of the patients had to cancel their procedures. When the repairs were complete we lifted our unit back down and took it away, as if we were never there.

Equipment Used

Call Cool Air When You Need A Temporary Chiller, Stat!

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