An Elegant And Effective Solution

In late 2017 Exhibau was contracted to design and construct an exhibition called Fight For Beauty, which was to be an ambitious art installation utilizing multiple different media, including sculpture, poetry, and music. For such a delicate project, it was important to Exhibau that the climate of the space be carefully managed, so they came to Cool Air Rentals to see what could be done.

The Challenge

Fight For Beauty was a more complex job than most temporary structures and tents we’d worked on in the past, for a number of reasons. Obviously, as it was an art installation it was absolutely necessary that the equipment was unobtrusive and didn’t distract from the pieces on display. Also, because the event was running from September to February they would switch from requiring cooling to heating about halfway through the project. However the most important concern was the very expensive grand piano at the centre of the space. To protect against de-tuning and general damage to the instrument, the humidity in the installation would need to be closely monitored and managed.

The Solution

To cool the space, we used two 10-ton air conditioners that sat outside the structure and ducted the cool air inside. The ducts were carefully arranged to blend in aesthetically with the rest of the installation; to anyone who didn’t know otherwise, it seemed as though they were a part of the original design. The 10-tons were used in conjunction with a large dehumidifier to control the moisture in the air for the sake of the grand piano. As autumn ended and winter set in we switched the air-conditioners to heat mode and added electric furnaces one at a time to keep the environment at a steady, comfortable temperature.

The Result

The project was a success. The guests were able to comfortably enjoy Fight For Beauty all throughout its autumn and winter run, with Cool Air reacting to changing weather conditions to keep the event running smoothly. The humidity was kept down to a suitable level for the piano and the temperature was held at a reasonable level for the guests.

Equipment Used

  • Two ACI10V23 – air-cooled industrial 10 ton units.
  • One HEF60H63 – forced-air 60kW electric furnace.
  • One HEF18H23 – forced-air 18kW electric furnace.
  • One DED300 – dehumidifier with capacity of 300 SCFM.

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