Canadian Open

Quiet On The Course

Arrowsmith Management and Consulting Ltd. is a Canadian company that builds, rents and installs temporary portable power and distribution systems for indoor and outdoor events across Canada.

The Challenge

The Canadian Open Golf Championship was held at Shaughnessy Golf Course in Vancouver in August 2011. This PGA sanctioned event attracts professional golfers and media attention from around the world. Cool Air was called upon to provide cooling to the event structures and media areas.

The Solution

All of the sponsors’ tents required cooling to ensure the comfort level of their patrons was achieved. Cool Air designed a response that matched both budget and performance criteria. We also looked after the broadcast centre and some event administration areas. Each area was audited to ensure our solution was balanced and effective.

The Result

Reliability and quiet operation was a paramount concern. Cool Air delivered on both counts.

Equipment Used

  • Two ACI20V23 – air cooled industrial 20 ton units
  • Two ACI10V23 – air cooled industrial 10 ton units
  • Two ACPP5V23 – air cooled premium portable 5 ton units
  • ACPP1V11 – air cooled premium portable 1 ton unit
  • 200’ of electrical cable
  • 400’ of industrial flex duct with tent plenums
  • 300’ of communication cable with remote thermostat control

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