Canada Revenue Agency

Sudden Breakdown Across The Province

The Canadian Revenue Agency building in Penticton, BC had had its chiller replaced just in time for the summer. Unfortunately, an unprotected electrical spike destroyed its main control boards and knocked out two compressors, which rendered the brand new unit useless. They needed an emergency cooling solution and they needed it fast.

The Challenge

The August weather combined with no cooling in the building resulted in absolutely unbearable indoor conditions. The staff could not handle it and were leaving. Immediate action was required, but replacement parts were two weeks away; the only option was Cool Air Rentals in Vancouver.

The Solution

Within just one day Cool Air had loaded up 16 air-cooled portable air conditioners (45 tons of cooling in all), made the 4 hour drive from Vancouver to Penticton, and completed the entire installation, working late into the night to make sure everything was done. As it was a public office, presentability was a concern. So we made sure that all 900+ feet of electrical cable was tucked neatly up in the ceiling, out of sight from customers. The units were located in efficient but not intrusive locations. The goal was to have as aesthetic and safe a temporary installation as possible.

The Result

Temperatures dropped to acceptable levels and operations within the building returned to normal. Despite the incredible August heat, both the staff and the public were kept comfortable until the chiller could be repaired and the temporary units were removed. Our swift response kept disruption to a minimum and got the Canadian Revenue Agency back on track in the face of overwhelming conditions.

Just wanted to write to say how impressed I was with the professional young men you sent out to pick up the units rented for our Penticton office. I was asked to escort Monte and Igor while they were in our work space. They were very respectful of our request to keep the noise, dust and disturbance of our employees to a minimum. They worked quickly, quietly and were very polite and considerate.

Bette Adams

Canada Revenue Agency

Equipment Used

  • Fourteen ACP3V21 – air-cooled portable 3 ton units
  • Two ACP1.5V11 – air-cooled portable 1.5 ton units

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