Arpeg Holdings

Temporary Summer Emergency AC

Arpeg Holdings is a family owned corporation that owns and develops properties in BC and Washington state. This building houses their head office. They count on Cool Air to provide temperature control over the hottest months of each year.

The Challenge

This three story concrete office building was scheduled for redevelopment when the chiller failed in the middle of summer. The owners were forced to choose between replacing the chiller or renting a package from Cool Air. The overwhelming choice was a temporary package. Not only was it most cost effective, Cool Air had the building up and running in a few hours.

The Solution

As the supply air fan was still operational on the dedicated unit, the Cool Air unit was craned to the roof and set up in the fan coil room. The conditioned air was delivered into the dedicated unit and distributed throughout the building. Sensors were located in the return air duct and the temperature was adjusted automatically based on those readings.

The Result

The temporary equipment worked continuously and flawlessly. Temperatures were maintained at acceptable levels. Once seasonal conditions eliminated the need for cooling, our equipment was removed and the building boiler took over the heating requirements. The temporary package proved to be so effective that Arpeg had the same package installed the following summer.

Equipment Used

  • One ACI10V23 – air cooled industrial 10 ton unit
  • Two WCPP5V23 – water cooled premium portable 5 ton units
  • One 75 kVA transformer
  • Electrical distribution box
  • 100’ of electrical cable
  • 50’ of industrial flex duct
  • 50’ of communication cable with remote thermostat control
  • 270’ of industrial water hose

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