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Location Heating

When your situation calls for safe, reliable heat, our industrial strength electric furnaces and indirect gas-fired heaters are the answer. They easily roll into place, plug in, and turn on! Instant heat, problem solved.

  • Dry, safe and quiet – the quick heat answer.
  • Electric furnaces available in single and three phase models which are ductable up to 50 feet.
  • Each unit is thermostatically controlled and protected with built-in safety switches.
  • Completely film friendly. Cam-Lok connections, push button control, air filled rubber tires.
  • Electric furnaces offer no hazardous exhaust or troublesome refueling problems.
  • Gas-fired units have the ability of supplying large amounts of hot air when power availability is limited.

Call us to turn on the HEAT!

Location Heating Solutions

Heat In A Hurry. Call 1.855.253.4171

Cool Air Rentals Ltd.
1407 East Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V5L 2A9

Cool Air Rentals Ltd.
3816 56 Ave. NW
Edmonton, AB T6B 3R8

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