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[toggle_framed title=”Why Portable Air Conditioning”]Some features that make portable air conditioning units the right choice.

  • Unlimited Flexibility – The units are very adaptable allowing them to be utilized in a wide range of applications.
  • Lower operating costs – With their spot cooling features it is not necessary to cool the entire space, just key areas.
  • Substantially Lower Installation Costs – No expensive building alterations needed with these units as they simply roll in and plug in.
  • High Quality – Rugged construction equipped with proven cooling technology make these units the smart cooling choice.
  • Requires minimal maintenance – Aside from regular filter changes, these units are designed to run and run and run.
  • The spot cooling answer – These portable units are ideal spot coolers.

[toggle_framed title=”What is Spot Cooling”]Spot Cooling is a technique of positioning portable air conditioning equipment in locations where you can cool “hot spots” within a greater space. Using this method provides an extremely efficient means of cooling people, processes and equipment.

  • Effective pinpoint low-cost cooling.
  • Achieve localized cooling within work environments.
  • Excellent solution to many difficult cooling problems.

[toggle_framed title=”How much notice do I need to give if I require cooling”]Industry demands are constantly changing. We appreciate as much notice as possible so that we can make sure we have the equipment that you require. We realize that emergency cooling is often required and will work our best to find a solution to your problem. 24 hour emergency service is available when the need arises.[/toggle_framed]
[toggle_framed title=”If I have an emergency after hours can I still get help”]Yes, of course! Simply call our office and leave a message with your information in our emergency mailbox. This pages the technician on duty and you will receive a return call ASAP.[/toggle_framed]
[toggle_framed title=”Should I use water or air cooled”]

  • Air cooled units require a space to vent the warm air, either out a window or into a false ceiling. Air cooled industrial units can sit outside and vent the cool air inside.
  • Water cooled units require a source of water and a drain.
  • [/toggle_framed]
    [toggle_framed title=”Our server room A/C just broke down and we need cooling ASAP! Can you help”]Our units are designed to be up and running within minutes. With a centrally located warehouse, we can be sure to get you the equipment you need, when you need it.[/toggle_framed]
    [toggle_framed title=”What type of power will I need to rent the equipment”]The 1.5 ton units are the largest of our portable fleet that can run on 115 volt power; anything smaller will use the same. The majority of the rest of our units run on 208/230 volt power. We rent transformers to allow our equipment to be used where 480/600 Volt power is standard.[/toggle_framed]
    [toggle_framed title=”How much noise do the units make”]We have portable units designed to sit in office spaces where people are actively working. Premium units allow for multiple fan control for extra sensitive work spaces. Film units come with push-button control for instant ON/OFF operation.[/toggle_framed]
    [toggle_framed title=”What are your rates for renting equipment”]We have daily, weekly, as well as monthly rates for our commercial clients; please call or email Cool Air and we will be happy to send you a quote outlining your heating or cooling needs.[/toggle_framed]
    [toggle_framed title=”We have a location shoot coming up; can you determine what we need”]Cool Air has been working with the film industry for over 14 years and can meet with you to survey the site. Our knowledge and past experience ensures that your questions are answered and that talent and crew are kept comfortable.[/toggle_framed]
    [toggle_framed title=”Can I pick up the unit myself”]Some of our units may be picked up from our warehouse. This depends on the unit you have rented and the size of vehicle available[/toggle_framed]
    [toggle_framed title=”Do you rent residential units”]Due to our large concentration on air conditioners and heaters for commercial, industrial and film use, we do not have the capacity to rent to residential customers at this time.[/toggle_framed]
    [toggle_framed title=”Do you rent heaters”]Cool Air has safe electric and indirect gas-fired heaters. None of our units vent the toxic fumes with the warm air so you can feel comfortable and confident that you are breathing clean air.[/toggle_framed]
    [toggle_framed title=”What does BTU stand for”]BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water 1 degree Fahrenheit at sea level. One “ton” of cooling equals 12,000 BTU’s.[/toggle_framed]
    [toggle_framed title=”What is a condenser coil”]The heat exchange coil within a mechanical refrigeration system used to reject heat from the system. In an air cooled unit, this heat is rejected through a flexible duct.[/toggle_framed]

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